Monday, April 11, 2011

How Not To Sing Off Key

... Hey!!! What was that???  Normally I can do this.... guess I freaked out!!!

So this ever happened to you?? When your vocal coach put his/her finger on the piano and you just can't make the right sound. Like you can hear it well but ,somehow, you just can't sing the right key.

This situation was caused by many reasons. Sometimes, it's caused by placing your larynx in the wrong position. Sometimes, it's caused by mistakes in vibration of the vocal cords. Sometimes, it's caused by plain old nervousness. In this post, I am going to write about your nervousness.

Some will just tell you that you are tone deaf and that would put you down the whole week.   I've never come across anybody who's actually tone deaf. I've heard that a true tone deaf person speaks in monotone. So if you're not speaking like that, you're fine.

When you sing out of tune even when it's just one note that your teacher played on the piano, even when it's just plain old low pitch that you can normally do when you're alone, this might be because you didn't listen well enough to the sound. You chose the note that you felt most comfortable with at the time just to sing it. May be you didn't even hear anything at all except for your own voice. 

The trick is to really listen....   really really listen.  Then take your time to hear the note played to your ears. Then you can try just ...humming... feel if it sounds like your voice and the note played belong to each other.  If it sounds right, you just sing it. Don't change the key! Step out of your comfort zone.  That's it!!!  Then you can do it. It might be tiring. From now on your job is to try to recognize that feeling when you "hear" the note played and sing the right tune.  No matter how nervous you are, you need to step into that zone of listening. The right easy tune will come when you focus on your hearing and not choosing just whatever tune that comes to your head. 

Now there is another scenario when you sing in a song and you slightly sing out of tune when the tune tends to go up and down a lot.  That's another story. You will just need to memorize it. This, we will be talking about in the future.This and the scenario when you can't seem to reach that note no matter how well you can hear it  or you sing flat on the high notes and you don't even realize it until someone tells you about it.

Until next time.

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